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Based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Recycle 4 Cash, Cash for clothes Norfolk and King's Lynn offers you a great way of exchanging your unwanted new and used goods for instant cash. We are happy to accept a wide range of items (click here for full listings), everything from second-hand clothes, cash for clothes norfolk and kings lynn to toys, electricals, CDs, phones, belts, bric-a-brac, bags and more; giving you up to 90p per kg for such items, and, when it comes to newer goods, we are more than happy to negotiate a more competitive price with you. You can either bring your goods straight to us, or arrange to have them collected by one of our team. Our free pick up service covers both Norfolk and Lincolnshire, although exceptions can be made for special cases outside of these areas.


Helping you sell for cash in a quick and convenient manner is what we are here for; so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any further questions. You can find all the contact information you should need here.

How We Recycle Your Items

It certainly isn't new knowledge that recycling has become an important aspect of modern living and livelihood; benefiting almost everyone at all stages of the supply chain, and helping to preserve the environment. Not only does recycling conserve natural resources, reducing the need for large-scale mining, logging, and quarrying operations, but also helps to save energy during production and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. There are some 1500 landfill sites across the UK (a number we are happy to say is steadily declining), and collectively these sites account for roughly a quarter of all the country's methane output, a potent contributing greenhouse gas. On the topic of greenhouse gases, in the UK alone recycling is estimated to prevent more than 18 million tonnes of additional CO2 pollution each year, the same amount you'd expect to be produced by around 5 million cars.


We always look to recycle your old goods in the most suitable, ethical, and environmentally friendly way possible; whether this be by selling them on as whole second-hand goods, breaking them down into their reusable component parts, or by putting them back into the production chain. Furthermore, any suitable items which can't be recycled are donated to charity and used for third-world aid.

By offering you quick cash for clothes, Cash for clothes Norfolk and King's Lynn will also buy phones, electricals, and other second hand goods, something you won't receive at your local recycling centre, we don't see why you wouldn't give us a try.


We Recycle everything we get, one of the ways we do this is by restoring or up-cycling items and offering them to the public at super discount prices, why not check it out just follow the link or click the picture, Happy Browsing!



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Recycle 4 Cash offers: Recycling for cash, cash for clothes, cash for bikes, cash for phones, phone recycling, clothing recycling, laptop recycling, removals, house clearance, home clearance, and cash for old goods. Covering Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Downham Market, Swaffham, Norwich, Ely, Lincoln, Skegness, Sleaford, Boston, Alford, Spalding and more.

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